‘Home Calculator’, an innovative application developed by the Galit Zamir Law Office

The Galit Zamir Law Office is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘Home Calculator’, an innovative application used to calculate the actual cost of your property purchase in Israel.

Creating such a tool was an obvious and necessary choice for Ms Zamir as part of her work.

In fact, this application caters for an urgent need for her clients to be able to manage all the costs involved in buying a property so that they can budget for things, such as purchase tax, various registration fees (land registry, mortgage register), various service provider fees (estate agent, legal advice, expert, broker, etc.).

This application is used in the stage prior to purchase and is an additional tool on top of the usual document specific to each client/purchase issued by our Office detailing the various costs, but above all it gives you an immediate answer.

It is fun and easy to use and you can download it for free.

It is available in three languages: French, Hebrew and English, as well as in three currencies: shekels, euro and dollars.

You can make a quick calculation and find out the overall cost of the purchase or receive full details of any additional costs by email.

To do this, you just need to specify the price of the property, your status in Israel (new immigrant, resident or non-resident), the type of property (sold by a real estate developer or a private sale), the involvement- or otherwise – of an estate agency and the type of financing, i.e. cash buyer or mortgage.

Visit our website and try out our ‘Home Calculator’

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