Galit Zamir Law Office in collaboration with Attorney Sany Shaykiss who specializes in criminal law

Indictments & hearing before Indictment


removal of criminal record & pardons

Juvenile Court

Getting involved in a criminal incident can easily turn into a life-changing experience.
It is extremely important to have close and  professional legal  guidance from the very first phase of a criminal case while being interrogated by the police as a suspect, in order to prevent violation of rights and to protect your interests in dealing with the police and the State Attorney’s Office.
Our firm specializes in criminal law, with an emphasis on personal and professional service for the best benefit of the client
Striving for excellence and the best result. 13 years of experience and proven results!


We provide the following services:

  • Legal consultation prior to police questioning
  • Release from detention
  • Hearing before indictment
  • Legal defense after indictment
  • Removal of criminal record
  • Pardons
  • Legal defense for minors in juvenile court

Attorney Sany Shaykiss