Representation in divorce proceedings
and family disputes


Family Conflicts

Will Disputes

Our firm collaborates with the law offices of attorney Shy Kedmi, an expert in family law, and together we provide professional and personalized services to our French-speaking clients, with a focus on addressing the needs and language gaps of the French population in Israel.

Our office provides diverse legal services in the field of family law both in the Rabbinical Court and in the Family Court. These services include:

  • Reconciliation claims (“SHLOM BAIT”), divorce and “KETUBA” claims
  • Divorce agreement by consent
  • Mediation in the process of separation between spouses
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Property claims and division of assets (Israel and abroad) between spouses in court
  • Alimony and child custody claims
  • Claims regarding the abduction of children in accordance with the Hague Convention
  • Defamation lawsuits between family members
  • Guardianship claims
  • Claims for damages within family members
  • Representation in Will Contentment proceedings at the inheritance clerk and the Israeli Family Court

Shy Kedmi – Attorney & mediator

Adv. Shy Kedmi, married and father of three children, aims to try and bring any dispute to a compromise that benefits all parties, and only in the absence of a visible solution on the horizon will he lead and conduct meticulous legal proceedings on behalf of his clients, while maintaining their dignity and wellbeing (of both them and their children), in order to make sure that the family stays intact long after the proceedings are over.

We help our clients in reaching a safe shore at the end of a legal process, either through negotiation or through managing procedures to completion. We are dedicated to obtaining the best possible results to protect our clients’ interests.