Durable Power of Attorney provides us with control over our lives in the future!

To which matters does a Durable Power of Attorney apply?

Property matters​

Medical affairs​

Personal interests​

Adv. Galit ZAMIR is authorized by the Administrator General and the Israel Bar Association, to edit a Durable Power of Attorney; we adapt the Durable Power of Attorney to the personal needs and wishes of each client with patience and empathy.


What is a Durable Power of Attorney?

A Durable Power of Attorney is a legal document enabling mature individuals (over the age of 18) to determine how and by whom their affairs shall be handled in the future when they are unable to handle them by themselves due to a change in their cognitive, health or mental states.
Provided that said individual understands the meaning, purpose and outcomes of providing a Durable Power of Attorney.
Until a few years ago, the means to treat individuals who were incompetent to make decisions regarding their affairs were by filing an appeal to a court of law for the appointment of a guardian.

In 2016, the Legal Capacity and Guardianship Law was amended so that mature individuals who are competent and can make decisions, were given the choice to determine beforehand who would take care of their affairs, property and any issue that is related to their body.

This is conducted through a Durable Power of Attorney.

To which matters does a Durable Power of Attorney apply?​

Why is it important that you carry out a Durable Power of Attorney?

Durable Power of Attorney enables planning the future as of today and create more certainty.
Whenever you need support of any kind, be it in decision-making or regarding any legal action that you are not competent to perform yourself, you can ease your mind since you have chosen the person on which you count, who shall accomplish it for you, thus preserve your wishes and dignity.

This way you can ensure control over the quality of life, your health, personal and economic interests and prevent any possible tensions and conflicts regarding these issues in the future.

What are the benefits of a Durable Power of Attorney as compared to guardianship appointment?

  • Cost reduction: Legal fees for carrying out Durable Power of Attorney are lower than the costs of court proceedings.
  • Personal choice: The capability to choose the empowered person prior to the event that requires the execution of his or her Nomination of Guardian, as well as the possibility to decide for oneself their identity.
  • Only the empowered person you choose shall be appointed as a guardian: In case of disagreement regarding the identity of the guardian to be appointed, the legal system shall be deemed to appoint an external guardian who might not represent the wishes of the ward.
  • Shortening of time: In comparison to guardianship nomination procedure, the process of Durable Power of Attorney is significantly shorter.
  • Distribution of burden: The ability to empower multiple nominees on each subject or numerous nominees on different subjects – thus not laying the entire responsibility on a sole person but rather distribute its burden.

Durable Power of Attorney shall provide you with control over the quality of your future lives in all walks of life!